Case 1: Fitness Trainer based in Tokyo

High-end personal trainer who created MOG method

We created a website that represents his extraordinary skills

and hip and city ambiance

Case 2: Grammy Award-winning pianist, 

composer, arranger based in New York

High profile artist needs a sophisticate website

This website provides his fans and concert presenter

an easy the access to biography, performance schedule

and other materials to connect both ends

Case 3: Bandoneon player based in Tokyo

Female bandoneon player is hard to find in tango scene

This website express an elegant bandoneon player

who performs at concert hall, theatre play, television,

temples and tries to expand the territory of

the German born exotic instrument with a woman's touch

Sample Website



A customized website for your branding

We design website according to your target market,

the image you would like to present

and the career goal of yourself and your company